Groups that meet at Corinth or in Homes

Why are they called LifeGroups?
Our groups are designed to build connections so that our large church feels small. No matter where you find yourself in life, our hope is that you can be yourself in your LifeGroup.

Where and when do LifeGroups meet?
LifeGroups meet for 60-90 minutes each week at church or in a local home. We believe that a home setting creates the best atmosphere for our LifeGroups. We are always looking for new host homes. If you are interested, contact Pastor Kevin.

How do I join a LifeGroup?
Just fill out your information on a brochure (available at the main entrances) and turn in to the office or sign up on-line. There is no secret handshake or password to be a part of the group. Groups start in the fall and new groups are forming!

What if I would like to lead a LifeGroup?
Just as the church is growing, our LifeGroups are growing as well. If you are interested in LifeGroup Leadership, send Pastor Kevin an email or give him a call he would love to hear about your desire to help others "do life". We have LifeGroup coaches who will help you along the learning curve of leading.

Why Should I Join a LifeGroup?
Joining a LifeGroup is a practical way to put "feet" on your "faith!"
Throughout the New Testament we are called to be involved in the lives of others. We are instructed to love one another, encourage one another, accept one another, bear one another's burdens, teach one another, build one another up, etc.! God uses Christian community to grow His people and meet their needs. Not only will your own needs be met, but you will also learn to focus on meeting the needs of others! 

What small groups are available to join?

We offer the following adult small group ministries:
Married Couples - A Couples small group that meets on various nights in host homes.
Womens -  We have a variety of small/large groups that meets once a week on different days or nights. Please contact Jann Cobb for more info.
Mens - A Mens small group that meets in the Merge on either Wednesday nights at 8:30pm or Saturday mornings at 7:00am. This 90 min. study time includes video teaching and follow up discussion with a group of 4-6 other men. Please contact Pastor Kevin Cobb for more info.
Wednesday Morning Bible Study - A Womens bible study held at Corinth Wednesday mornings from 9:15-11:00am from September - March.

Sign Up Today

For more information on any of the above LifeGroups, please contact Alizabeth Lipan.

Purpose Statement
To provide a safe environment for adults to grow in Christian fellowship.
This will include opportunities for building meaningful relationships,
sharing joys and needs, praying for one another, learning from God's Word,
and mutual accountability in a context of confidentiality,
commitment and care.